Seahorse Canada Inc. is devoted to ethical captive breeding and treatment of seahorses in Canada, that thrive on readily available frozen food for wholesale supply to help raise global awareness.

The inspiration for Seahorse Canada began with a childhood fondness which years later grew into a desire to raise seahorses for others to enjoy.

After years of research and experimenting with different species and foods, techniques and environments, at great expense, we have been successful in raising H. Erectus and recently we have been had success raising H. Reidi, which are both thriving on frozen food.

"Live Arrival Guarantee"
Live delivery is guaranteed with a no charge replacement, refund or credit. Rest assured that you are buying the highest quality captive bred seahorses available. You are required to: 

  • Promptly sign and accept delivery
  • Acclimate according to instructions
  • If a seahorse is dead on arrival, please contact us within 4 hours with a photo and proof that you have met the above requirements
We will either, replace the seahorse (shipping costs not included), refund you, or credit your next purchase.

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